Storage & Transport


- for PCB's -

  • Material: black, static dissipative polypropylene
  • Surface resistivity: 10-10,000 MΩ
  • Adjustable,stackable circuit boards holders have multiple uses in the static-free environment. At workstations they hold PCBs during insertion, assembly, testing, burn-in and rework.
  • Dimensions: 285x145x80 mm


Adjustable Frame for PCBs
- for safe storage & handling of mounted PCBs -

  • Material: dissipative polypropylene, 1-100 MΩ
  • Dimensions
    • Sidewall: 480x290x35 mm
    • Intermediate wall: 470x280x40 mm
  • Connecting rail: section 30x15 mm
  • Number of storage channels: 79
  • Distance between channel centers: 5 mm
  • Channel depth: 4 mm
  • PCB thickness: max. 2.3 mm
  • Option: sidewall and intermediate wall in black or orange ABS (not ESD)


Conductive Box
- for ICs, SMDs, small parts etc. -

  • Surface resistivity: < 1 MΩ
  • Pockets: 54
  • Pocket dimension: 28x27x15 mm
  • Sturdy metal hinges and metal lid.


Boxes for SMD Components
- different sizes available -

  • Boxes with sprung lid can be joined to each other by means of a dovetail assembly system. The lid is provided with a finger point for easy and quick opening, can remain in open position and closes automatically thanks to spring loading.
  • Black conductive version is normally available from stock, on request (min. 100 pcs) the colors: red, white, yellow and green. All boxes can be supplied with the transparent cover.
  • Dimensions (internal/external) in mm
    • SIZE-1: 16x12x15 / 20x28x20
    • SIZE-2: 37x12x15 / 40x28x20
    • SIZE-3: 37x41x15 / 40x56x20
    • SIZE-4: 57x68x15 / 60x84x20
    • SIZE-5: 180x68x15 / 185x84x20
  • Available Colors:
    • ESD black
    • ESD black, transparent cover
    • not ESD various colors
    • not ESD various colors, transparent


Zinc Plated Assembly Stand
- with shelves for SNAPBOX containers -

  • Can house in two shelves an assortment of SNAPBOX containers (containers excluded) with different sizes. The VISTABOX is especially suited for assembly and maintenance tables.
  • Material: zinc plated steel
  • Capacity: 48 x SNAPBOX SIZE1
  • Dimensions: 180x260x200 mm


Conductive Trolley System
- for IC's, SMD reels, storage systems etc. -

  • Load capacity: max. 350 kg
  • Customizable trolleys to carry: tote-boxes, LABERACK PCB racks, IC dip tubes, cabinets, SMD reel holder, shelf for feeders.
  • CHARIOTTE-Modules:
    - Zinc plated baseplate with conductive castors
    - Stainless steel lateral support post
    - Stainless steel lateral post with handle
    - Frame for dip tube bin
    - LABERACK-Modules
    - Double shelf for SMD reel (630/1000) support
    - A4 document holder
    - etc.